Alternative Processes

I have created work in a variety of other photographic techniques

including Van Dyke brown, gum bichromate, cyanotype, and inkjet on fabric,

some samples of which are shown here

Cyanotype on silk titled "Bedspread"
Bedspread (Self-portrait with Peter) © 2005; cyanotype on
silk, poly fill, seed beads, cotton, wood



gum bichromate over cyanotype
Pleasure, Brighton © 2009
gum bichromate over cyanotype from toy camera image


Modesty, 2005, inkjet on silk
Modesty, © 2005
inkjet on silk, ribbon, purchased hanger


Cyanotype - "Pillow for Wet Dreams"
Pillow for Wet Dreams © 2005; cyanotype
on silk, poly fill; contact printed from Holga negatives



Self portrait, Elkton Maryland - gum bichromate print
Self-portrait, Elkton, Maryland, © 2008-9
gum bichromate over cyanothype from toy camera image


Van Dyke Brown portrait of Elisabeth and Jill
Eli and Jill, © 2008
Van Dyke brown