Family Fictions

incorporating vintage portraits and pinhole photographs

Digital collage, vintage photo of artist's mother and pinhole photo of toys, all colorized
Gams (Joyce), © 2014


Digital collage, vintage photo of the artist's father, pinhole photo of mini-golf course, both colorized, and scanned butterflies,
Cri de Coeur (Alfred), © 2014

Digital collage, vintage photo of the artist's maternal grandmother, pinhole photo of London, scanned playing cards
Pinochle in London (Elsie), © 2014


Digital collage, vintaqge photo of the artist's paternal grandfather, pinhole photo of Seattle (both colorized) and photo of EEG
Waves (John), © 2014

These collages were made in response to moving from Delaware to Washington DC, during which vintage family portraits were found and much downsizing was done. Pinhole photos, including images of some items that were given away, and scans of other things dealt with in the move, were combined with pictures of my parents and grandparents, turning respresentations of loss into something fanciful.