Gardens by Cell Phone

Cell phone photos of plants along the High Line in NYC
The High Line, NYC, © 2012-2013


Cell phone photos taken at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden
Cambridge Univ. Botanic Garden, © 2013

Cell phone photos taken at the Davie Village Community Garden in Toronto
Community Garden, Vancouver, © 2013


Cell phone photos taken at the US Botanic Garden in 2013
US Botanic Garden, DC, © 2013

Since using my cell phone to capture a garden in Lisbon a few years ago, I have been doing the same as I travel, including sets from Toronto, Barcelona, Amherst, Scotland, Delaware, Brooklyn, Paris, Richmond, Sydney, Singapore and Vashon Island. The odd exposure and saturation are from the camera app that I prefer, and quads are chosen after I review my images, watching for both repetitions and contrast.