Pinhole Camera

Amusement Parks and Rides

Pinhole Photograph of The Party Bus at Kiddie Park, an amusement park in San Antonio
Kiddie Park, San Antonio, © 2008


Dublin Ferris Wheel, pinhole photograph
Ferris Wheel, Dublin, © 2011


Dreamlands, Margate, in black and white, by pinhole camera
Dreamland, Margate, © 2003


Carousel, Kensington Gardens, pinhole photography
Kensington Gardens, London, © 2011


Carousel in Seattle, pinhole exposure
Indoor Carousel, Seattle, © 2006


Parking Lot Fair, Newark, Delaware, by pinhole photographer Nancy Breslin
Flying Swings, Newark, Delaware, © 2006

This is my five minute introduction to pinhole photography, which includes information on homemade and purchased pinhole cameras and samples of work by a number of interesting pinhole photographers.