Nancy Breslin has long been a writer, from scholarly articles and book chapters in psychiatry to reviews and blog entries about photography. Scriptwriting is a relatively new endeavor, and perhaps not as much of a departure as that seems, since three of her feature-length screenplays are all set in the art world. She has also been on the writing team of two 48-Hour Project short films and has written many one-act plays. She is a member of Women in Film and Video and Capital Screenwriters Network. Some projects are listed below.


Poster for feature film script titled Brooklyn Butterfly

Brooklyn Butterfly. Gemma Singer wakes up, hungover, in a strange woman's tub. The stranger is Jo, who becomes Gemma's lover and muse, inspiring artwork that catches the eye of Freddy Lee, a wealthy collector. This story of the subsequent battle between an ambitious artist and her patron is set in modern New York but inspired by a true story of art and ego from Victorian England: James McNeill Whistler’s creation of The Peacock Room for Liverpool tycoon Frederick Leyland. (Offical selection: Spotlight on Screenwriters, 2016.)

Poster for feature film script titled The Franklin International

The Franklin International. When Debbie, the director of a small-town art center, invites Joe, a famous conceptual artist, to judge work for an upcoming exhibit, the culture clash causes sparks to fly. The show is a success for the wrong reasons, but when the art center decides to hold another "Franklin International," Debbie and Joe have a second chance to see if some of those sparks are really love. (Official selection: Spotlight on Screenwriters, 2015.)

Poster for feature film script titled Art for Heart's Sake

Art for Heart's Sake. Melinda’s boyfriend has helped her turn watercolor paintings of pets into a thriving online business, and then surprises her with a store of her own. A “new business” contest soon pits her against Kevin, who owns a gallery across the street. Over time Melinda finds new love as she learns to measure success on her own terms.

Poster for feature film script titled Apartment 307

Apartment 307. Troy, the manager of an apartment building in DC, hopes for a quiet evening shift on a December evening, as residents gather in the lobby for the monthly happy hour. But who is stealing Margo's underwear? Why is a Secret Service agent hanging around? And chaos ensues as everyone wants the key to Apartment 307 in this farcical comedy.

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