Working with a Toy Camera

These images were taken with a Diana + plastic camera

Coney Island banner saying "Freak" taken with a toy camera
Coney Island, 2010


Toy camera (Diana+) photo of Elmo collecting money at Christmastime in NYC
Elmo, Manhattan, 2010


Diana toy camera photo of an optometry shop in Braga Portugal
Oculista, Braga, Portugal, 2012


Toy camera photo of a hot dog truck in NY
Hot Dog, New York City, 2010


Shot of a helicopter ride at Rehoboth Beach by photographer Nancy Breslin
Fly Yourself, Rehoboth, 2010


Diana+ (toy camera) photography:  diner in Northampton, Massachusetts
Booth/Booth, diner in Northampton, MA,2012


Diana toy camera photograph of a yellow window in Braga Portugal
Yellow window, Braga, Portugal, 2012


Rutgers College Alumni Parade, 2009
Alumni Parade, Rutgers, 2009